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What we do !

We provide virtual assistants who can handle social media sites like facebook, twitter (more social sites on request, please contact us)

Content Creation

Our expert VA will create engaging content for you.


Setting up pages

Adding Bio, websites, logo and proper branding



Regularly posting on social media platforms. 



We will engage with your followers. Liking their posts and responding to their comments



Every week, we will analyze what worked and what didn't work. Brainstorm together and craft new plan.


Much more...

Do you want us to do something which is not mentioned on this page? Please contact us at skype - meenakshi.ss1



Increased Brand awareness

Your brand needs global followers. With the correct social media strategy, you can reach to the corners of the world.


Social media has immense power to generate traffic to your website. We will work together as a team to generate traffic to your website.


Expect followers who will become die hard fans.


Increased brand awareness and traffic increase sales. Dont just rely on SEO or paid media. Lets concentrate together on social media to generate sales.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to the information, I share with VA?
We keep every single thing you share with us until/unless you want us to have it. This includes any ids, passwords, addresses, schedule, contacts and sensitive financial information. If you decide to cancel your subscription we delete all the sensitive information straight away. We will never share that information with anyone ever.
What is Dedicated Virtual assistance?
With each one of our plans, you get a dedicated virtual assistant (VA). Him /Her will get to know you as you continue working. They’ll get to know your habits, preferences and style. With passing time you’ll have to spend less and less time repeating yourself. They’ll learn to anticipate your needs. There are two ways you can engage your VA. First, you can schedule a session with them when they’ll be online for you. Second, you can schedule a task for them to complete.
Where will my VA be located?
Most of our VAs are located in India. All of them have been screened for fluency in English and good communication. Most of our clients are from the US and Europe but they can be from anywhere as long as they communicate and work in English.

Refund Policy

Cancel your subscription anytime. No questions asked. (Just log in to Paypal and cancel your subscription)

All sales will be final. No refund will be given.

You can ask any number of questions before purchasing. Please use these modes for communication: crisp chat

 Send us an email to